Performance at the Alliance Theater June 1, 2008.

Performance at the SW Arts Center In Atlanta on September 11, 2009.

The anthology of our music is often abstract but never unclear of the melodies and tempo. So much of who we are can be heard in the lyrics, tones, and rhythm of a time that has passed. Yet still these tunes are able to arouse in us a sense of kinship and belonging among ourselves.

Song and dance has permeated our spirit so that we are able to soar over the adversities and blow gently into progress and change. Ceremonies of our people could hardly be depicted without music. From the beginning our musical genius have surpassed most others, and have become the music of the universe.

For the most part music is an expression of feelings and ideas arranged in sound that is interesting and soothing. It's primary focus is to allow one to feel. Whether the context spiritual, political or fundamental the objective is the same. Music is the common basis in which we can all share. The lyrics need not apply to you nor the melody familiar but collectively the union has begun to move your hands, shake your legs, pat your feet, and surrender to a melody that has swoon over your entire being.

John T. Peek, Founder

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